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Wick to Eyemouth

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If you sail this route from North to South, big parts have a SW course. From Wick you can then decide to sail directly to Peterhead instead to Inverness, a 24 hours journey.

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[edit] Distances

The total distance between Wick and Eyemouth in 2 straight lines (Wick - Peterhead - Eyemouth) without stops is 170 Nm.

* Wick <-> Inverness68 Nm
* Wick <-> Buckie46 Nm
* Wick <-> Fraserburgh55 Nm
* Wick <-> Peterhead127 Nm
* Inverness <-> Buckie47 Nm <-> Fraserburgh32 Nm <-> Peterhead19 Nm
* Peterhead <-> Stonehaven35 Nm <-> Montrose19 Nm
* Montrose <-> Edinburgh62 Nm
* Montrose <-> Dunbar42 Nm
* Montrose <-> Eyemouth51 nm
* Edinburgh <-> Dunbar34 Nm <-> Eyemouth19 Nm

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