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waters Atlantic > Cape Wrath to Wick
political Europe > Scotland
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coordinate: 58°36'40.55"N 003°32'56.06"W


[edit] Charts

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  • Admiralty 1462 - Harbours on the North and East Coasts of Scotland

[edit] Bibliography

  • The Yachtsman's Pilot to North and East Scotland - Imray - ISBN 0852884303

[edit] Navigation

[edit] Lights

On the cliffs in Thurso Bay is a lighthouse. The piers of the harbour are lit by a green and red flash light.

[edit] Approach

Scrabster is a commercial harbour which gives is depth. Visiting yachts must be aware of the sometimes intens ship movements. Fishing boats, the ferry to Stromness (Orkney), survey vessels for the oilrigs together with the movebility of these big ships makes it harbour to take good care.

[edit] Entry

The first pier in Thurso Bay is the one for the ferry and cruise ships. The second pier is used by the survey vessels, keep this pier at your starboard side, at port side is the fishing harbour. Entering the oldest part of the harbour, with the ice house on the quay at starboard, turn sharp to the port side to enter the harbour for the small boats.

[edit] Berthing

There should be enough room at the quay (see picture below), keep in mind that the difference between the low and high tide is significant especially during springtides.

[edit] Facilities

You can get the key of the local sailing club at the harbour master to take a shower.

[edit] General

On the way from Scrabster to Thurso there is a LIDL supermarket (see marker on the map above) to do your shopping. At the public Library in Thurso you can make use of the Internet.

[edit] Tourism

The ferry to Stromness on Orkney leaves from this harbour. From June 2007 a summer-only weekly ferry service will connect Scrabster with the Faroe Islands, Shetland Islands, Iceland, Denmark and Norway. The nearby town of Thurso (1 hour walk) has a railway station. The Thurso Tourist Information Centre is on the Riverside. At the bay of Thurso are the ruins of the Thurso Castle.

On the quay in the harbour there is a small pub.

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