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Flores is the most western island of the Azores and also the most western point of Europe. At the moment, about 4000 people live on Flores, about 1500 of them in the Capital Santa Cruz. The second important town is Lajes.

Like on the other islands of the Azores the emigration is visible. While some time ago emigration was forbidden, the number of people on this island was 20.000, now it is just 4.000! Especially in Lajes there are many old, abandoned houses just in the neighbourhood of new buildings.


[edit] Marinas and Anchorages

The infrastructure on Flores is weak. There are two possible berths for yachts: Lajes and Santa Cruz de Flores.

[edit] Lajes

Piers in Lajes
Piers in Lajes

coordinate: 39°22.712'N 031°10.079'W

Lajes offers a mole with some protection and some anchorages for yachts. To the east this anchorages are unprotected. But even with eastern winds it is recommended to stay in Lajes. The approach to Santa Cruz, the only alternative, is difficult with eastern swell and should be avoid.

The infrastructure is minimal. About 500 people living in Lajes. There are smaller shops and a couple of restaurants. However, it is great to eat French fries the first time after an Atlantic crossing.

[edit] Santa Cruz das Flores

Rocks near the entrance to Santa Cruz
Rocks near the entrance to Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz offers a real harbour with lights and safe berths. The harbour will be used by fishers, but it is also possible for yachts to go in. The approach can be difficult, the navigational channel is very narrow and surrounded with rocks. You have to navigate using leading lights.

The infrastructure is better than in Lajes. There are some supermarkets and shops, and an airport.

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