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waters Atlantic > Chesapeake Bay
political North America > United States > Maryland

coordinate: 38°58'46.47"N 076°29'19.66"W

Annapolis is a significant sailing center on the U.S. East Coast. It is also home to the United States Naval Academy and is the capital city of the State of Maryland. Annapolis offers moorage, limited anchoring, dockage, and water taxi service. It lies just off the Chesapeake Bay via the Severn River.


[edit] Marinas & Anchorages

[edit] Eastport

coordinate: 38°58'4.69"N 076°28'44.29"W ("The Maritime Republic of Eastport") lies between Spa Creek and Back Creek. Although technically part of Annapolis, the community fosters it own identity and is home to many marinas, a yacht club, and other maritime related businesses.

[edit] Severn River

coordinate: 38°59'17.31"N 076°28'50.61"W Many small creeks provide anchoring past the Naval Academy. Many private moorings as well. Can be noisy near the highway bridges spanning the Severn

[edit] Spa Creek

coordinate: 38°58'17.28"N 076°29'50.13"W Mostly moorings. Anchoring is discouraged as the holding ground, especially in front of the Naval Academy grounds is notoriously bad. The Spa Creek Bridge opens every half hour on the half hour if warranted.

[edit] Ego Alley/City Dock

Limited dock space available here on a first come first served basis. Check with the harbormaster on VHF Ch. 9. A small dinghy dock is available at the head of Ego Alley. Many people take their boats down ego alley to show them off to the downtown tourists.

[edit] Back Creek

coordinate: 38°57'35.17"N 076°29'02.65"W Be sure to honor the marks entering Back Creek. The channel roughly parallels the shore South of the entrance to the creek. There is a very shallow shoal that extends a long way out from Horn Point on the North side of the mouth of Back Creek. Inside Back Creek another well-marked shoal is on the South side. Once past that there is good water depth throughout to the head of the creek.

There are marinas on both sides of Back Creek. There are also mooring balls available for rent from the Annapolis Harbormaster (call on VHF channel 17) on a first-come, first served basis. There is some room to anchor. If you land on the south side, a Giant supermarket is within walking distance. Land on the north side for easy access to Annapolis proper.

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