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please add here your questions, suggestions and bug reports about the Google Earth Integration. --Peter 19:59, 4 November 2006 (CET)

'Hello, I've tried to find a mailing list or group associated with this page, but I have not been successful and so I'm posting here. (Please forgive me if I should do this another way.) The issue is that the Google Earth export files both contain a blank line at the beginning of the file which makes them unreadable without editing. Also, the "updateable" file contains no data--I think this is because it points to instead of to, but I'm not certain. Anyhow, thanks very much for all your work on these pages! I hope to be a contributor before too long. --Robert Wyatt 8 August 2010 (CDT)'

Hi Robert,
Thank's for this important hint. I will try to fix this issue on weekend or within the next days.
--Peter 08:19, 3 August 2010 (CEST)

export to other applications

Hi, I wonder if it would be feasible to export data to other applictaions than google earth? I would like to display information in the marble virtual globe (see for information)

The requirements is a way to request data for a given bbox, marble will happily read kml data.

Basically, that is probably what google earth gets, so all I need to know is how to format the request, given it is ok to display the data?

I can be contacted at anders at alweb dk, or put your comments below.